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21 December 2022

The post mix dispense revolution

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Greener option

Major drinks manufacturers are starting to embrace post mix dispense systems more widely as they recognise the environmental benefits these systems offer and the key role that they can play in reaching sustainability goals.

The environmental benefits are many, not least because of the positive impact they have on consumer perceptions of brands and their desire to reduce their carbon footprint.

Post mix dispense allows carbonated soft drinks (CSD) manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprint, with most soft drinks served in bottles/cans being made up of  85-90% water – and water is heavy. Transporting ready-mixed drinks requires significant amounts of fossil fuels and generates large quantities of emissions, using post mix bag in a box (BIB) can reduce related CO2 by up to 7%1

It also reduces the amount of packaging needed so reducing plastic usage. According to Vimto Out of Home, for every post mix BIB used 3.1kg of plastic is saved compared to serving the equivalent number of bottles2

Customer is king

Post mix dispense isn’t just limited to the expected cola or lemonade – there is so much choice on offer and can include flavoured tonics, energy and sports drinks or fruit juices – as well as pre-mixed cocktails and zero sugar drink choices are also widely available on tap.

Consumers are spoilt for choice and drinks are served more quickly than the waiter having to open bottles or cans – glasses can be lined up and different drinks served at the press of a button as the waiter moves across the line of glasses.

Self-serve dispense machines are also very popular with consumers and the bar/restaurant can offer promotions around free refills without staff being needed to serve.

So much more efficient

Staff appreciate that they don’t have heavy cases of drinks to lift and move, that they can utilise space for effectively and free up fridge space, with one BIB is equivalent to 164 bottles or 180 cans3 that’s a significant amount of fridge spaced freed up. This can also lead to energy savings if fridge numbers can be reduced.

Overall staff time is saved and cost savings will be seen. There will also be less waste as BIB products produce 99.6% less waste than glass bottles4

Adding CO2Sustain

Adding CO2Sustain to post mix dispense  will ensure that dispensed drinks are fizzier and fizzier for longer – meaning consumers have the same great drink experience as drinks from cans or bottles. Manufacturers can use less CO2 and still retain the perception of fizziness this also saves valuable CO2 stocks.

If you would like to find out more about how CO2Sustain can help your carbonated soft drinks please email us on or call us on +44 (0)113 205 0971



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saving energy on production line

Energy savings

CO2Sustain enables CSD containers to be filled more rapidly and cleanly on the production line, cutting energy requirements even at temperatures of up to 18C.

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