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Use less CO2
Long-lasting fizz
Fine-tuned fizz
Control the fizz
Serve the Fizz

Reduce carbonation levels

Our bubbles start off small and stay that way, so that your drink requires less CO2 to stay fizzy. Less CO2 needed means less waste and better decisions for the planet and if needed, without any impact on the sensory profile of your drink.

Extending the carbonation shelf life

Did you know that your drinks become less fizzy over time, even if they’re left unopened? With CO2Sustain, the smaller but increased number of bubbles means that even with gradual seepage, bottles can stay on shelves for longer without losing their fizz.

Flexible carbonation

CO2Sustain’s carbonation techniques mean you’re able to fine tune the level of fizz in your bottles even if you use a range of sweeteners, including artificial or natural types such as Stevia.

Using as an antifoam

If you’re facing excessive foaming during filling CO2Sustain offers the perfect fix, by adding directly to the syrup you can make significant gains in increased line efficiency, and we all know what good news that is!

post mix dispesnse gun

74% increase in post-mix dispense filling times

Our patented liquid additive is a must have for post-mix dispense systems, giving consumers a much faster serving experience and drinks that stay fizzier for longer even over ice!

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Fizzy drinks ever left you feeling flat?

There’s no mistaking our bubbles – smaller, bursting with fizz, and there till the very last drop. Discover more about how we’re keeping things fresh.

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