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7 December 2022

Energy savings on the production line

Posted in Sustainability

Did you know that by adding 0.1g of CO2Sustain per litre of carbonated beverage reduces fobbing during filling, even at higher temperatures? This permits filling lines to start up and run more rapidly, decreasing the amount of time that lines must run and therefore reducing power requirements. Additionally, the ability to run lines ‘warmer’ cuts the amount of energy needed for cooling.

While energy savings are contingent upon the quality of the filling line and the environmental temperature, significant savings are possible with CO2Sustain. Filling lines typically run 15% faster, with some manufacturers reporting over 25% increase in speed.

Faster filling can lead to potential reductions in the number of lines required, the need for line extensions, and even the number of factories required – with knock-on environmental benefits including less construction and transportation.

Faster, cheaper filling can release capacity for manufacturing more sustainable beverage innovations, such as new diet or uncarbonated drinks, or for arrangements to fill on behalf of third parties – thus helping to centralise production, release economies of scale, and reduce the overall number of plants required.

The benefits of adding CO2Sustain

  • Up to 25% faster filling line start-up time
  • Up to 25% increase in filling run-time
  • Fewer rejects from the filling line
  • Reduces energy requirements for operation and cooling in filling process
  • Releases filling capacity for new innovations or contracted filling
  • Could cut the overall filling footprint and power usage
  • Could help to consolidate the overall production estate and release economies of scale.

To learn more about how CO2Sustain helps soft drinks manufacturers with a number of sustainability challenges download our sustainability brochure here.

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