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  • Drink: Cola
  • Objective: Increase fizziness
  • Date: March 24


  • To increase the fizziness of Cola for a better consumer experience

Sample preparation

  • Cola without CO2Sustain® were re-carbonated on an Armfield carbonator to 8g/l (sample A)
  • Cola with 0.1g/l CO2Sustain® were re-carbonated on an Armfield carbonator to the same carbonation level (sample B)
  • Samples were filled into glass bottles and refrigerated overnight

Test methods

  • A sensory panel (8 people) completed a blind taste test where the participants were asked whether the Sustain sample (A) was
    •  Less fizzy than sample B
    •  Fizzier than sample B
    •  No difference
  • The participants drank directly from the bottle
  • The bottles were then tested for carbon dioxide loss on pouring
  • The 275ml sample bottle was poured gently into a glass vessel on an analytical balance
  • The weight of CO2 lost was recorded over a 30-minute period

Results – Sensory

  •  Of the 8 panelists, 8 people recorded the sample with CO2Sustain® as being fizzier
  •  No one recorded no difference

Results – Carbon dioxide retention on pouring


  • The graph shows that the sample with CO2Sustain® retained more CO2 when poured
  • At the point of pouring, the sample without CO2Sustain® dropped to 5.7g whereas the drink with CO2Sustain® only dropped to 6.6g (16% improvement
  • The final level of carbon dioxide retained after 30-minutes was 0.8g extra with CO2Sustain® (19%


  • The addition of CO2Sustain® allows the Cola to be carbonated at a lower level whilst still giving the consumer a fizzier experience over 30-minutes

Download the report here.

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