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14 August 2022

What’s the Fizz on the Zenith Global 2019 Soft Drink’s Conference?

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The Zenith Global 2019 UK Soft Drinks Conference approaches and as a Gold Sponsor of the event we thought it only prudent to offer a little insight to our customers and industry partners what the event is all about.

We will be exhibiting on the day (15th of May) and will be offering demonstrations of what our Sustain products can do for soft drinks businesses not just in the UK but around the world.

Hosted in London’s fabulous West End at Congress Centre, the 2019 UK Soft Drinks Conference promises to be an exciting one that will offer insights on the very latest the beverage industry has to offer including sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks, cold infusions, and the topic on everyone’s lips – cannabidiol consumables.

Representing CO2 Sustain will be our Managing Director John Story, our Business Manager Jon Stott, and CEO Jamie Bentley who have all been with the company from the beginning, and together have evolved an entirely new approach to carbonation stabilisation and foam control.

The People

As you’d expect from a conference of this size there are plenty of household names speaking at this year’s event such as Fever-Tree, Britvic, Innocent, and Coca Cola European Partners – representatives of some of Britain’s biggest innovators.

The UK Soft Drinks Conference is a unique opportunity to get up close and professional with these successful brands amongst others to share ideas and be inspired.

Anyone who has been in the beverage industry for a while is able to appreciate the complexity involved in creating, maintaining and evolving a brand in this sector, so it is fantastic to be part of an event that allows for total immersion into a community of like-minded soft drinks boffins.

And not to mention there’s something inherently fun about working in drinks, soft or otherwise, in product development, marketing, and even in the hard sales; you only need to take one look at Innocent’s Twitter account to get an idea of that.

The Day

The UK Soft Drinks Conference schedule is neatly divided into a range of interesting topics: crafty innovation, sorting plastic, solving health, alcohol-free opportunity, and arguably our favourite title, the ‘entrepreneur shoot out’.

These elements together represent the biggest consumer trends of the moment and demonstrate an increasing need to cater to societal values on a brand level, be that health and or environmental issues.

There is also an increasing sense of fun, where innovation is encouraged, as can be seen in the thousands, if not millions, of beverage pop-ups that have shot up around the world.

As an industry there is a lot of work to be done to address problems that belong to us all as human beings so naturally we’re thrilled to learn about deposit return schemes, sustainability initiatives, sugar control, and mindful drinking, all of which are taking pride of place as part of the day’s talks.

Taking responsibility for the serious stuff is encouraging to see in our industry, just as much as the embracing of new approaches to flavour and presentation in drinks, which are exciting to professionals and consumers alike.

Relatively new words to the contemporary beverage vocabulary including kombucha, nootropic, and CBD are particularly present in industry consciousness right now so we’re keen to learn what they are all about.

What We Do

CO2 Sustain are pretty unique as a business within the beverage industry as our product is a non-silicon-based agent that effectively controls foam expression but also is rather brilliant at trapping in the fizz, essentially keeping CSD’s carbonated for longer.

Carbon dioxide management in drinks can be a nuisance at the best of times but can be greatly exacerbated by various factors like temperature, material and density of packaging, agitation, and of course, time.

With temperatures rising around the world and users of PET packaging facing pressures to reduce consumption of non-biodegradable materials, there has been no better time for an ingredient to step in that can mitigate these factors’ impact on the resulting beverages of our favourite brands.

Whether a ‘full-sugar’ or a diet drink, a pulpy drink or an energy drink; even stevia-sweetened beverages can be tamed with Sustain.

Needless to say, Co2 Sustain are highly supportive of the need to innovate to adapt to our rapidly changing world and so we are very proud to announce that we will be presenting the Best Technology Innovation Award at this year’s Innobev Awards. Congratulations to all of this year’s finalists – we look forward to seeing your ideas in person!

For those who will be attending Zenith Global’s 2019 UK Soft Drinks Conference, we look forward to seeing you there and find out if we could be making a real difference to your beverage business (otherwise, there’s always our bubble machine demonstrator to behold).

If you’re not attending this year’s event but would like to find out more about CO2 Sustain and our clever bubble technology, why not get in touch with us?

You can visit our website, check out our Twitter and LinkedIn pages, give us a ring, or even write us a letter by snail mail – we don’t mind!

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