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14 August 2022

Smaller bubbles – fizzier for longer

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Spring is around the corner and with it the arrival of warmer temperatures, happy sunny times and longer afternoons.

What a better way to spend this season than enjoying the sun with family and friends with a good fresh sip of your favourite bubbly drink. Indoors or outdoors, day and night, from cola and fizzy fruity drinks, to tonics and energy drinks!!

If only there was something that could make these refreshing times last forever – We  happily present CO2Sustain®, a clever patented innovation that can ensure a longer lasting fizz in your drinks whenever and wherever!

The revolutionary technology of CO2Sustain® encapsulates the CO2 bubbles at the point of carbonation keeping them from merging with each other and forming bigger bubbles. With CO2Sustain® bubbles bounce off each other remaining smaller inside the drink which means the amount of foam generated during filling is reduced significantly allowing a faster and more cost-efficient production process.

The best bit is – carbonation is retained for longer. CO2Sustain® will help you achieve smaller and fresher bubbles that will keep your drink tasting fizzier for longer even in the warmest spring days.

No need to reflect, you will love the effect, once you try CO2Sustain® the carbonation will be there again and again!! It is more than just facts, this spring, just sit back and relax, leave it to us, lack of fizz will never again be a fuss!

Its use is quite easy and simple, be sure to get in touch to get your free sample!

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