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Email our sales team: info@co2sustain.com



Email our sales team on: info@co2sustain.com.

The Mechanism of CO2Sustain®

CO2Sustain® works by discouraging bubbles from merging into larger bubbles.
This controls foam during filling and increases the perception of fizziness in the
finished beverage.

Without CO2Sustain®

  • CO2 bubbles attract and merge with each-other, forming bigger bubbles

  • Enlarged CO2 bubbles rise and burst, creating foam and causing the drink to lose carbonation

  • This results in slower filling and a lower perception of carbonation in the finished drink

With CO2Sustain®

  • CO2Sustain® coats the CO2 bubbles, preventing them from merging and expanding

  • Small CO2 bubbles bonce off each other in the drink, retaining carbonation and reducing foam

  • This means faster filling and a higher perception of carbonation in the finished drink

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More CO2Sustain® benefits…

Wherever you are in beverage industry supply chain for CSDs,
we have solutions for you that will make all the difference.

CO2Sustain® has the power to change the way we all think about carbonation. Not only can it help with controlling foam when being filled, beverages with CO2Sustain® taste fizzier, and for longer!

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South Africa

Foam & CO2 control

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