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CO2Sustain® have the answer …

The key to addressing these issues is bubble size and CO2Sustain® is the solution you need

So what is CO2Sustain®?

It is our patented bubble encapsulation technology that helps reduce the size of the gas bubbles and retains them inside of the liquid for longer.

The following video and illustration demonstrates this in action:

Longer lasting fizz and enhanced consumer enjoyment!

The Mechanism of CO2Sustain®

CO2Sustain® works by discouraging bubbles from merging into larger bubbles.
This keeps the bubbles in the drink and gives your customers drinks that are fizzier for longer

Without CO2Sustain®

  • CO2 bubbles attract and merge with each other, forming bigger bubbles

  • Enlarged CO2 bubbles rise and burst, creating foam and causing the drink to lose carbonation

  • This results in bubbles colliding and dispersing quickly and a lower perception of carbonation in the finished drink

With CO2Sustain®

  • CO2Sustain® coats the CO2 bubbles, preventing them from merging and expanding

  • Small CO2 bubbles bounce off each other in the drink, retaining carbonation and reducing foam

  • This means a greater perception of carbonation in the finished drink

CO2Sustain® Applications

Please click on any of the following sections to get more information on what CO2Sustain® can help you achieve:

How we can help

Do you have a drink where you would like to see the benefits of CO2Sustain® in action?

We offer a tailored solution where we can test your drink in our laboratory and propose the right product and dosage that fits your needs and objectives.

Please contact one of our “Fizzicists for details”

Foam & CO2 control

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