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Production Specification

About Our Product

CO2Sustain® is a non-ionic surfactant, composed of a dispersion of Polysorbate 65 and water.

It is effective in most carbonated soft drinks, regardless of their ingredients.

Plus, it is silicone and preservative free!

  • 5L keg
  • 18 months shelf life
  • 14 day shelf life upon opening
  • Halal & Kosher
  • Preservative & GMO free

We have a CO2Sustain solution for all carbonated beverages, regardless of their sweetening or flavour agents.

We typically cater to the most common carbonated soft drink (CSD) categories.

But if your brand doesn’t fit into a major beverage-type box, we can create a bespoke carbonation retention or foam control aid according to the needs of your CSD product.

CO2Sustain® can be used with:

Full sugar, reduced sugar, diet, red-fruit, pulpy and Stevia-sweetened carbonated soft drinks.

If you’re a contract manufacturer of multiple beverage types,

please contact us directly.

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All of the CO2Sustain® products are manufactured at a fully FSSC 22000, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 accredited facility.

CO2Sustain® has the power to change the way we all think about carbonation. Not only can it help with controlling foam when being filled, beverages with CO2Sustain® taste fizzier, and for longer!

Major Contract Bottler

South Africa

Foam & CO2 control

General Enquiries

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