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2 June 2023


Posted in Sustainability

This year’s World Environment Day theme is all about #BeatPlasticPollution, and here at CO2Sustain, we’re tackling this ongoing problem head-on. We’re a team of experts with a unique perspective, and we’re dedicated to helping drinks manufacturers find solutions to plastic pollution.

Our super cool product is designed to make a real difference. We’re all about “light weighting” in the beverage industry, which basically means using thinner plastic in packaging to reduce plastic consumption. Plastic pollution is a huge concern these days, and there’s mounting pressure on drinks manufacturers to step up and minimise their plastic usage. Plus, with the introduction of the “plastic taxes” in various countries around the world including the UK and South Africa many manufacturers and bottlers have even more reason to cut down on plastic.

Now, let’s talk about the issue of carbonated drinks and plastic packaging. Plastic, being porous, tends to let gas leak out over time, affecting the quality and carbonation shelf life of the beverage. That’s where we come in!

Our general manager, Jonathan Stott, explains, “We’re helping soft drinks manufacturers all over the world reduce their plastic usage through light weighting. We’ve also been doing some great work testing how well CO2Sustain works in post mix dispense systems, we’ve had some pretty amazing results which we’ll be releasing soon so watch our social channels for more information. Of course post mix dispense greatly cuts back on the amount of cans and bottles needed, one bag in a box mix is the equivalent of 164 bottles or cans! so has the potential to be a significant impact on removing plastics from the supply chain.

We’re also big fans of glass as an eco-friendly alternative. Glass is fantastic at retaining CO2 and keeping that carbonation intact, unlike plastic. It may take a bit more energy to produce and transport, but here’s the awesome part: glass is 100% recyclable! Each time it’s recycled, the resulting product doesn’t lose any quality. Plus, you can even reuse glass by washing and sterilizing it. Plastic can be recycled too, but it degrades with each cycle.”

Our innovative product, CO2Sustain is a game-changer! We simply add it during the manufacturing process, and it works its magic by preventing bubbles from merging into larger ones. This makes the finished beverage fizzier for longer and a more refreshing drink experience. And here’s another cool thing: for drinks manufacturers using glass bottles, CO2Sustain® takes it to the next level. It allows them to get even more CO2 into the container without any of it escaping. So the quality and fizziness of the carbonated drink are further enhanced.

Jonathan adds, “By using our product, drinks manufacturers can make a huge environmental difference by reducing plastic. We’ve mastered the art of retaining carbon dioxide in carbonated drinks, making them stay fizzy for longer. This means beverage businesses can produce drinks that use less plastic while maintaining the same carbonation shelf life standard. No compromise on taste or appearance! Our non-silicone additive is a simple product and one that has the potential to make a massive impact in the global battle against plastic pollution in the carbonated drinks industry.”

We’re all about supporting sustainability and fostering innovation. We want to provide drinks manufacturers and brands with the best environmentally friendly solutions out there. And guess what? World Environment Day is the perfect opportunity for us to collaborate, educate, and spread awareness about the importance of reducing plastic waste.

Let’s work together to make a positive change for our planet!

If you want to put the fizz into your carbonated soft drinks and #BeatPlasticPollutions we’d love to help you so give us a call +44 (0)113 205 0971 or drop us an email

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