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19 May 2023

Why carbonated soft drinks lose their sparkle in hot climates

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Picture this: a scorching summer day, beads of sweat trickling down your forehead, and you reach out for that refreshing, ice-cold carbonated soft drink. But as you take your first sip, you notice something is off—the fizziness is fading faster than you can say “refreshing.” So, why do carbonated drinks lose their carbonation so quickly in hot climates?

Let’s dive into the science behind this phenomenon and discover how one simple ingredient can save the day.

Increased Temperature:

Hot weather and carbonation don’t exactly mix well. One of the primary culprits behind the rapid loss of carbonation is the increased temperature. As the mercury rises, so does the speed at which carbon dioxide (CO2) escapes from the liquid. This phenomenon occurs because higher temperatures boost the kinetic energy of the gas molecules, making them move more vigorously and increasing their chances of breaking free from the liquid solution.

Decreased Solubility:

Solubility plays a crucial role in the carbonation game. Unfortunately, when it comes to carbonated soft drinks, the solubility of carbon dioxide decreases as the temperature rises. Simply put, the ability of the liquid to hold onto the gas decreases as the surrounding environment heats up. This reduced solubility makes it easier for carbon dioxide bubbles to escape, leading to a faster loss of carbonation.

Increased Pressure:

Hot climates can have another sneaky effect on our beloved carbonated beverages —increased pressure. As temperatures soar, the gases inside the beverage container expand, creating higher pressure. This heightened pressure can push the carbon dioxide out of the liquid, further accelerating the loss of carbonation. It’s like a tiny, invisible force working against the fizziness we know and love.


We’ve all been there—the sun beating down on us, our thirst at its peak, and we handle our carbonated drink with gusto. Pouring, shaking, or stirring carbonated drinks in hot climates can spell trouble for carbonation. The increased agitation caused by handling the beverage in a warm environment leads to the release of carbon dioxide bubbles, hastening their escape from the liquid. In other words, the more we interact with our drinks, the more we lose those precious bubbles.

Clever Carbonation in Action!

But fear not, there is a solution that can keep your carbonated drinks sparkling in even the hottest of climates. Imagine a magical ingredient that encapsulates those bubbles, making them more resilient and stable. This ingredient is the key to maintaining the fizziness and ensuring your consumers enjoy the same great drink experience, whether they’re in Iceland or India.

By adding this special ingredient, carbonated soft drink manufacturers can counteract the negative effects of heat on carbonation. It acts as a shield, encapsulating the bubbles as the drink is opened extending the drink’s fizziness. With our clever carbonation, you can now sip on your favorite bubbly beverage without worrying about losing its effervescence to the sweltering heat.

Cheers to CO2Sustain

In conclusion, hot climates can be a challenging environment for carbonated soft drinks, causing them to lose their sparkle faster than we’d like. Increased temperature, decreased solubility, increased pressure, and agitation all play a role in this process. However, thanks to the wonders of science and clever carbonation techniques, we now have the power to combat the heat and keep our fizzy drinks bubbling with delight. So, the next time you find yourself in a scorching summer day, raise a cool, crisp carbonated drink and toast to the magic that is CO2Sustain, keeping your drinks #FizzierForLonger no matter the temperature. Cheers to that!

If you want to put the fizz into your carbonated soft drinks we’d love to help you so give us a call +44 (0)113 205 0971 or drop us an email

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