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11 August 2023

R & D.... It's what we're good at!

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You may have seen some our recent social media posts offering free R&D. In these posts we ask you to send us your finished syrups. You might be thinking that all this sounds too good to be true and that there must be a catch somewhere!

Well, firstly let us reassure you, there is no catch, no cost, nor any obligation to commit to anything.

Secondly, lets talk about why we’re so keen to do this free work for you.

Believe in the magic.

We are great believers in proactively demonstrating our belief in the power and magic of CO2Sustain, allowing carbonated soft drinks manufacturers to taste, hear, see and enjoy the ‘extra fizz’ in their own brand of drinks.

The team at CO2Sustain has perfected a simple, no risk process that involves working with your syrups to create 2 versions of your carbonated soft drink. One with CO2Sustain added and one set without. We experiment with carbonation levels, dosing and drink volume depending on what the manufacturer’s requirements are. These can range from a consumer driven benefit of fizzier for longer drinks to sustainability driven issues around using less CO2 gas and reducing shelf-life wastage by extending the carbonation shelf life of a drink.

Use our cool laboratory.

We work our magic in our state-of-the-art laboratory, undertaking various test to measure fizziness, carbonation lost over time and other project specific measures. Once we’re happy with the results we are consistently seeing, we call in our taste testing panel to do blind tasting and scoring.

The data is collated, analysed and conclusions and recommendations reached. These are then presented back to our client along with two sets of samples so they can taste test themselves, this will comprise one set of drinks with CO2Sustain and one without.

Drinks manufacturers can then undertake factory and consumer trials more confident that the success rate will be high as a lot of the preparatory work will have been done by us for them.

Keep it simple.

This simple process helps speed up NPD/R&D to get improved drinks to market quicker. This offers an agile, quick route to gaining a significant competitive advantage over other drinks in the market.

Our mission has always been to keep things simple, whether that is the technology behind our products or how our clients transact with us. We have seen how successful this approach has been for CSD manufacturers. We now have consumers enjoying #FizzierForLonger drinks in over 20 countries around the world.

To find out just how easy it is to send us your syrups either call us on +44 (0)113 205 0971, email to or visit our website

We look forward to working our magic on your brand of carbonated soft drinks.

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