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Yorkshire Manufacturer Partners With Industry Body To Reinforce Innovation In The Soft Drink Sector


A Leeds-based manufacturing business is continuing on its mission to strengthen and develop the soft drinks sector by proactively working with the British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA).

CO2Sustain, developers of a patented solution that helps makers of carbonated drinks keep the fizz in their products for longer, is supporting the BSDA Annual Lunch held in London as lead sponsor.

The event takes place on October 10th and is a key event in the UK soft drinks industry calendar providing a platform for leading industry figures to meet with representatives from related industries and government.

The event covers innovation and achievements across the UK soft drinks sector, one of the most fast-moving and dynamic industries in food and drink manufacturing. Health issues and changing lifestyles have influenced shifts in UK consumption in recent years, most significantly a shift from regular to no-, low- and mid-calorie variants.

CO2Sustain is widely recognised as one of the industry’s leading innovators. From its manufacturing base in Leeds, CO2Sustain’s team of technical innovations chemists pioneered the preservative-free, liquid processing aid to retain the CO2 content and extends carbonation shelf life of fizzy drinks, using an exclusive patented formulation.

CO2Sustain currently works with drinks brands and manufacturers across four continents and is active in 25 countries across Europe, the United States and Latin America, India, Africa and the Middle East. Exports are growing at 300 per cent annually. The value of the UK soft drinks sector is estimated to be worth 17.4 billion euros.

Jonathan Stott, business manager for CO2Sustain, said:

“We greatly value the work of the BSDA and this is the first time we’ve sponsored their annual lunch which is a valuable showcase for the rapidly expanding soft drinks sector as a whole.

“The ongoing issue of reduced carbonation in drinks is a problem faced by manufacturers not only in the UK but across the world. The manufacturers we are working with are already benefitting from less waste, increased product lifespan and improved profitability regardless of location and external influences. This should be a great opportunity for the business to demonstrate how far it has come and some of the ground-breaking work we are doing to help manufacturers and brands overcome an increasing problem that has blighted the industry for years.”

Guest speaker at the BSDA one day event is Nick Robinson, a leading political journalist, and presenter of BBC Radio 4’s flagship Today programme.

CO2Sustain® has the power to change the way we all think about carbonation. Not only can it help with controlling foam when being filled, beverages with CO2Sustain® taste fizzier, and for longer!

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