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15 August 2022

Recycle, recycle

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On World Recycling Day CO2Sustain take a look at how their clever carbonation also helps with recycling

How easy is Light-weighting PET?

As soft drinks manufacturers look to improve their sustainability, some of the larger drinks manufacturers and a number of start-ups have considered a move towards using cans and glass packaging. The cost of using these or creating new format plastic packaging can be an enormous cost pressure especially when logistics, supply chain and sourcing new materials is also considered.

What can you do?

Until more cost effective degradable or compostable materials are readily available worldwide it seems plastic isn’t going anywhere in a hurry. But all is not lost as there is another option, one that can reduce plastic consumption in the beverage industry: light weighting.

Essentially, this is the practice of manufacturing thinner plastic bottles which will biodegrade quicker and use less raw materials. Doing this creates a similar problem to using recycled plastic however, as the integrity of the PET walls of bottles is compromised and reduces carbonation shelf life.

Enter CO2Sustain

CO2Sustain makes carbonated soft drinks fizzier for longer with no impact on taste or appearance, an additional benefit is that this also helps extend carbonation shelf life without compromising the drink experience for the consumer.

Helping the beverage industry

CO2Sustain was created to support the beverage industry and improve the consumer experience, but this doesn’t stop with taste and mouthfeel, we want to support sustainability innovation and provide drinks brands with that little extra breathing room to find the best planet-friendly solutions that also work for them. Our non-silicone processing aid has the potential to contribute to massive waste reductions globally which is great news for manufacturers and consumers

If you’re interested in working with us to further your brand’s sustainability journey or are wanting to take your first step in doing your bit as a business for the environment, then get in touch. You can call us on +44 113 205 0971 or by emailing

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