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3 June 2024

Discover the magic of CO2Sustain

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Leading carbonated beverage manufacturers need to be at the forefront of innovation, constantly seeking ways to enhance product quality and consumer satisfaction. In this highly competitive industry, ensuring that your products offer a superior drinking experience is critical. One groundbreaking technology that is transforming beverage carbonation is CO2Sustain.

Here’s why integrating our product into your drinks can be a game-changer for your R&D initiatives and overall product development.

What is CO2Sustain?

CO2Sustain is an advanced carbonation technology designed to optimise carbon dioxide (CO2) retention in carbonated beverages. By improving CO2 retention, CO2Sustain ensures that drinks stay fizzier for longer and more refreshing for longer, thereby significantly enhancing the consumer experience.

The benefits are easy to see.

  1. Superior fizz retention: The primary advantage of CO2Sustain is its ability to retain carbonation more effectively. This means that beverages maintain their effervescence from production to consumption. Superior fizz retention is essential for delivering the consistent, high-quality experience that consumers expect from leading brands.
  2. Consistent flavour profile: Carbonation plays a crucial role in the sensory perception of beverages. CO2Sustain ensures consistent CO2 levels, which helps preserve the intended flavour profile of your drinks. This consistency is vital for maintaining brand integrity and consumer trust, as the flavour experience remains uniform across different batches and locations.
  3. Extended shelf-life: Improved CO2 retention can extend the shelf-life of carbonated beverages by maintaining their quality over longer periods. For R&D managers, this means fewer issues with product degradation, less waste, and more time for distribution without compromising on quality. Extended carbonation shelf-life translates to cost savings, improved logistics management and more profitable retailer relationships.
  4. Sustainability and efficiency: Implementing CO2Sustain can contribute to your company’s sustainability goals. By optimising the use of CO2, the technology reduces the amount of gas required for carbonation. This not only cuts down on production costs but also helps minimises the environmental impact of transporting and using CO2. In a market increasingly driven by eco-conscious consumers, this sustainability aspect can enhance your brand’s reputation.
  5. Global consistency: Ensuring product consistency across different markets is a significant challenge for global brands. CO2Sustain helps achieve uniform carbonation levels, ensuring that consumers around the world experience the same high-quality beverage. This consistency is crucial for maintaining brand standards

Implementing CO2Sustain in your business

Integrating our product into your manufacturing process is straightforward and achieved without major modifications to existing infrastructure. The technology is adaptable and can be seamlessly incorporated into your current bottling and canning operations CO2Sustain’s team provides comprehensive support to ensure a smooth implementation, allowing your R&D team to focus on other critical aspects of product development.

What’s next?

As a leading beverage company, your mission is to drive innovation and ensure your products stand out in a crowded market. CO2Sustain offers a powerful solution to enhance carbonation retention, improve flavour consistency, extend shelf life, promote sustainability, and ensure global consistency which all adds up to a great competitive advantage. By leveraging the advantages of CO2Sustain, your R&D department can develop beverages that not only meet but exceed consumer expectations, ensuring that every sip is a testament to your commitment to quality and innovation.

For more information on how CO2Sustain can revolutionise your carbonation process and elevate your products get in touch either by calling us on +44 (0)113 465 4601 or email Alternatively, you can keep up to date with all our news by following our company LinkedIn page

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