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12 June 2024

Why CO2Sustain is a game-changer for carbonated beverages

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As a manufacturer in the highly competitive carbonated drinks market, you know that achieving the perfect fizz in your beverages is crucial. The challenge of keeping carbonation levels high from the production line to the consumer’s glass can be significant. CO2Sustain, is a groundbreaking solution that helps soft drinks manufacturers overcome some of the challenges they face.

Let’s delve into why CO2Sustain in is such a game-changer and how it can elevate your products quality and efficiency.

The challenge of carbonation

Carbonation is the lifeblood of carbonated beverages, providing the refreshing bubbles that consumers love. However, retaining carbonation from the moment of bottling through to consumption is a challenge. Carbon dioxide (CO2) naturally escapes from the liquid over time, leading to flat drinks that fail to meet consumer expectations. This issue not only affects product quality but can also result in increased waste and lower customer satisfaction.

Introducing CO2Sustain

CO2Sustain is an innovative additive designed to enhance and prolong carbonation in beverages. Unlike traditional methods that focus primarily on the initial carbonation process, CO2Sustain works by improving CO2 retention throughout the product’s shelf life. This means your beverages remain fizzier for longer, even after opening.

Key benefits for manufacturers:

  • Enhanced product quality: The primary benefit of CO2Sustain is the significant improvement in product quality. By maintaining higher levels of carbonation, your beverages deliver a consistently superior drinking experience. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  • Reduced waste and cost efficiency: Flat drinks often result in waste, both at the consumer level and within your production and distribution processes. With CO2Sustain, beverages retain their carbonation, leading to less waste and more efficient use of resources. This not only benefits your bottom line but also aligns with sustainable production practices.
  • Extended shelf-life: By enhancing carbonation retention, CO2Sustain extends the effective carbonation shelf life of your products. This means that your drinks can stay on the shelf longer without compromising quality, providing greater flexibility in distribution, and reducing the risk of spoilage.
  • Versatility across product lines: CO2Sustain is versatile and can be used in a wide range of carbonated beverages, including colas, lemonades, tonic and soda waters as well energy drinks, This flexibility makes it an invaluable tool across your entire product portfolio, allowing you to deliver consistent quality across different drink types.

How CO2Sustain works

The proprietary formula of CO2Sustain works by altering the interaction between CO2 and the liquid, enhancing the liquid’s ability to retain CO2. This innovative approach ensures that carbonation levels remain higher for longer periods, both during storage and after the beverage has been opened.

Implementation and results

Integrating CO2Sustain into your production process is straightforward and can be seamlessly incorporated with minimal adjustments. Manufacturers who have adopted CO2Sustain have reported significant improvements in carbonation retention, customer satisfaction, and cost savings. The initial investment in CO2Sustain quickly pays off through enhanced product quality and operational efficiencies.

The Future of carbonated beverages

In a market where consumer preferences are constantly evolving, maintaining a competitive edge is essential. Innovations like CO2Sustain offer a clear advantage that sets your brand apart in a crowded market, enabling you to deliver better products while optimising your production process. By keeping beverages fizzy for longer, CO2Sustain not only enhances the drinking experience but also contributes to a more sustainable and profitable business model.

Next steps: To learn more about how CO2Sustain can transform your production process and enhance your product offerings, contact our team for a chat with by calling +44 (0)113 465 4601 or emailing

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