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18 April 2024

Maximum fizziness for maximum tingle and bite

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When it comes to enjoying a meal, beverages play a crucial role in enhancing the overall experience. Amongst all the choices, carbonated soft drinks stand out for their unique tingle and bite, which can be particularly appealing, especially when paired with spicy cuisine. Let’s delve into why carbonated soft drinks complement the flavors of spicy food and how you can get the ultimate in tingle and bite with one simple ingredient,

The sensory experience:

The tingle and bite of carbonated soft drinks add an extra dimension to the sensory experience of drinking. The effervescence creates a delightful tingling sensation on the tongue and throat, enhancing the enjoyment of the beverage.

Refreshing relief:

Spicy food can ignite heat receptors in the mouth, leaving diners craving relief. Carbonated drinks come to the rescue with their cooling effect, providing a refreshing sensation that helps alleviate the heat from spicy dishes.

Balancing flavours:

The acidity and bubbles in carbonated drinks offer a perfect counterbalance to the richness and intensity of spicy food. This balance of flavours creates a harmonious dining experience, allowing diners to fully appreciate the complexity of spicy dishes without feeling overwhelmed.

Cultural tradition:

In many cultures where spicy cuisine is prevalent, carbonated soft drinks have become a traditional accompaniment to spicy meals. This cultural tradition has evolved over time as people discovered the delightful contrast between the heat of spicy food and the refreshing qualities of carbonated beverages.

Hydration and thirst-quenching:

Spicy food can increase thirst due to its heat-inducing properties. Carbonated soft drinks not only provide hydration but also offer a satisfying thirst-quenching experience, making them the perfect choice to accompany spicy dishes.

The ultimate in tingle and bite

CO2 Sustain’s simple liquid additive works by coating the bubbles created as a carbonated drink is opened keeping them small and strong – this retains more CO2 in the drink. The smaller bubbles provides the extra tingle and bite giving the best refreshment and fizziness.

You can find out more about the science by watching our ‘How CO2Sustain works’ video or you can call us on +44 (0)113 465 4501 or email for more information.

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Seeking a partner in North America

Due to continued growth we are now seeking a partner with expertise in the carbonated soft drinks industry in North America

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