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5 March 2024

Dispense doesn't have to mean flat

Posted in Sustainability

Post mix dispense systems are gaining traction among major beverage manufacturers due to their recognised environmental advantages and their alignment with sustainability objectives, but consumers often perceive that drinks served via a dispenser go flat quicker than those from a can or bottle.

Good for the environment

These systems offer significant environmental benefits, primarily by reducing carbon emissions associated with transporting ready-mixed drinks. Typically, carbonated soft drinks (CSD) contain a high percentage of water, which contributes to their weight and the subsequent fuel consumption in transportation. By utilising post mix bag-in-box (BIB) solutions, companies can achieve up to a 7% reduction in related CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, post mix dispense systems contribute to packaging reduction, particularly in plastic usage. For every post mix BIB used, approximately 3.1 kilograms of plastic packaging is saved compared to the equivalent number of bottles. This reduction in packaging aligns with consumer preferences for brands that demonstrate environmental responsibility.

Operational efficiencies

Post mix dispense systems also offer operational efficiencies. They provide a wide range of beverage options beyond traditional offerings, including flavoured tonics, energy drinks, fruit juices, and pre-mixed cocktails, catering to diverse consumer preferences. Not only that the quick and automated dispensing process reduces serving time and enhances operational efficiency.

From a business perspective, the adoption of post mix dispense systems translates into tangible benefits for establishments. Staff appreciate the reduced physical strain associated with handling heavy cases of drinks, whilst the systems optimise space utilisation, freeing up valuable refrigerator space. This not only streamlines operations but also potentially leads to energy savings by reducing the number of refrigerators needed.

Drives cost savings

The use of post mix dispense systems results in significant cost savings over time, driven by reduced packaging expenses, operational efficiencies, and decreased waste generation. BIB products generate substantially less waste compared to traditional glass bottles, further contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Fizzier for Longer

To enhance consumer experience and make sure that these drinks keep their fizz for longer, businesses can incorporate CO2Sustain into post mix dispense systems. Our additive ensures prolonged fizziness in dispensed drinks, minimizing the need for excessive CO2 usage while maintaining consumer satisfaction.

The adoption of post mix dispense systems presents a compelling business case for beverage manufacturers and establishments alike. Beyond environmental benefits, these systems offer operational efficiencies, cost savings, and enhanced consumer experiences, positioning them as a strategic choice for sustainable business practices in the beverage industry.

Find out more about how CO2Sustain can increase the fizziness of post mix dispense drinks by downloading our brochure

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Jamie Bentley, CEO, CO2Sustain
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