World Cup CO2 crisis? Not for Sustain!

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Unless you’ve been in hiding this past week, you’ll have no doubt seen the words ‘CO2‘ followed by dramatic adjectives such as ‘global crisis’ across many of the nation’s newspaper headlines.

To refresh your memory here are some recent stories:

“Wetherspoons running out of Strongbow and John Smith’s as CO2 crisis hits”

“World Cup beer shortage”

And whilst there is an ongoing shortage of carbon dioxide, that’s putting huge pressure on carbonated drinks makers to meet consumer demands, the inventors of Sustain are glad that this topic is getting the media attention it deserves.

In fact, Sustain’s own CEO Jamie Bentley has been interviewed and featured in both regional and national press from the Yorkshire Post, to the Manufacturer and the Daily Express, and has had several radio interviews on the likes of BBC and Radio Aire, asking for his input into the CO2 crisis and what this may mean for football fans wanting to stock up on their much-loved beer and lager.

“World Cup beer shortage: UK team finds urgent solution ahead of England Belgium game- The Express”

Leeds firm could be set to solve World Cup beer crisis – Yorkshire Post

You can listen to Jamie’s interview on BBC Radio Leeds Breakfast Show from this morning here:


Sustain's CEO Jamie Bentley is interviewed for the Yorkshire Post
If football fans can’t get hold of alcohol and fizzy drinks during the tournament this could spell disaster for the hospitality trade. Our product has been formulated to make sure drinks don’t lose their fizz and stay fizzy for longer, meaning less carbon dioxide is actually required in the first place and less is also wasted.
Jamie Bentley, CEO of Stephenson Group, the parent company of the Sustain brand

According to reports, “the shortages are thought to have been caused by a longer than usual break in ammonia production, a key source of food grade CO2 in Europe. It is used to to carbonate drinks such as beer and preserve packaged food” (Source: The Express)

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