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Email our sales team: info@co2sustain.com



Email our sales team on: info@co2sustain.com.

CO2Sustain is a product for forward-thinking carbonated beverage manufacturers who want to create positive consumer experiences and enjoyment, improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

CO2Sustain® was born in Stephenson Group Ltd (SGL) and spun out to become a stand-alone business in 2019 after securing external investment to drive the business forward. Developed originally by a team of technical experts from SGL who have decades of experience in the chemistry and physics of bubbles gained from working in ‘floatation chemistry’ in a variety of industries that led the group to be twice winners of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

After several years in development the product and intellectual property were perfected and validated by the University of Surface Science in Stockholm. Our commercial business strategy was developed in 2016 with the help of the Manchester Alliance Business School’s MBA programme.

Now fully independent, CO2Sustain operates in 52 countries, employs eight people, managing a network of agents and distributors from its offices and technical centre in Leeds, UK.

CO2Sustain® was developed and patented with the intended benefit of controlling foam production; the unintentional benefit was an enhanced perception of fizziness in the poured beverage.

Working tirelessly in the lab, we tested hundreds of different food and beverage grade additives.

After better understanding their requirements, it became apparent that no traditional ‘surface active’ antifoam could address the known industry-wide fobbing problem. Instead, we focused on eliminating foam generation in the first place — through manipulating the bubbles in the bulk of the liquid (CO2 solubilisation), rather than at the surface — focusing on getting more CO2 into the drink from the start.

The team behind the CO2Sustain®
Meet the Fizzicists

Meet the Fizzicists

Our dedicated carbonation retention and foam control specialists have the answers for tricky CSD’s and poor line efficiencies. Click on a face to find out more about what each of them do!

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CO2Sustain® has the power to change the way we all think about carbonation. Not only can it help with controlling foam when being filled, beverages with CO2Sustain® taste fizzier, and for longer!

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