Hear me speak at DDTE on 7th March 2017!

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As a qualified Chemist, my background includes seven years with speciality chemicals manufacturer Croda, where I was responsible for sales of all personal care products into Europe, Middle East and Africa. I then joined Stephenson Group in 2015, where I have led the commercialisation of a revolutionary patented ingredient, CO2Sustain®, into the carbonated drinks industry.

I’m honoured to have been asked to deliver a seminar session at this year’s Dubai Drink Technology Expo on the 7th March. The event runs between 7-9 March and I will be attending as both speaker and delegate.

I hope you can attend my seminar – feel free to contact me to ask any questions in advance, or to enquire about CO2Sustain®.

Session Synopsis:


Has your drink lost its sparkle? Controlling foaming in CSDs

Excess foaming during the bottling process is a problem that has plagued the carbonated drinks market for years. It results in increased water usage to clean bottles, as well as increased wastage due to a high number of rejects.

As a result, CSD brands and producers are looking at new ways to reduce fobbing (excess foam) during the bottling process whilst maintaining the COand thus the fizziness of the drink. By controlling foam production, brands can improve their carbon footprint by reducing the amount of rejects and therefore waste and plastic that goes to landfill. The use of processing aids in the bottling process can also reduce the costs of a brands operation during filling. It allows quicker start up time, faster speeds at higher temperatures and lower COlevels with less rejects.

Jonathan Stott will discuss the topic of carbonation control in CSDs, and how “CO2 solubilisation” can improve carbonation and consumer enjoyment – whilst increasing production efficiency and profitability longer-term.