Sustain en Español: Nosotros No Tenemos Pelos en La Lengua

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You may have noticed by the title that we’re doing things a little differently for this blog. Hopefully, for a lot of you reading this it will enable you to forgo Google Translate and simply read our latest blog comfortably in a language you can understand. Something perhaps that a lot of English-speaking countries take for granted for example is that Spanish is the third most spoken language on the planet, and English isn’t even top spot in that list (that position belongs to Chinese!)

For international businesses such as ours, it’s important that we recognise the cultural backgrounds of our customers and do our utmost to break down the barriers that unnecessarily heed smooth business interactions. Our Spanish-speaking customers, distributors, and agents are serious players in the beverage industry and we’ll get into that further in a minute, but we wanted to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to a considerable proportion of the brands and other organisations that we love to engage with.

One of many Bottling Factories in Latin America.

Perhaps we are preaching to the choir with this next bit, but we want to highlight some key points about the Spanish and Latin American beverage industry. After all, not many people around the planet can deny knowing who Coca Cola and Pepsi are, as the uncontested giants of the drinks sector, but that is not to say that there aren’t other brands out there that are adored and enjoyed by millions every day. Latin America doesn’t come to play either as one of the biggest markets for soft drinks in the world! According to the World Economic Forum, Chile is the number one consumer of carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) per capita, closely followed by Mexico and Argentina.

There are a number of reasons for this but most obviously, a region that experiences clement to scorching weather all year round is bound to consume a high quantity of cold and refreshing beverages – the carbonated and soft types are particularly popular due to the many sweet and flavourful varieties in which they can be found, and aren’t as vulnerable to spoilage in hot temperatures as fruit and alcoholic beverages are. Whether you’re partial to a Colombiana, a Bilz, a Fioravanti, a Peñafiel, or a Kola Real; there’s something out there for everyone, appealing not just to the palate but to Hispanic culture in general.

It is not surprising then that the Latin American carbonated soft drinks industry alone was found to be worth $54.72 billion dollars, and is expected to grow considerably (at an annual rate of 2.2%) with global temperatures gradually on the rise.

Our exhibition stand on tour in Latin America.

With this great success, the interest for CSDs in this part of the world isn’t going anywhere and as such we at CO2 Sustain want to do our part to contribute to the region and drive efficiencies, from manufacture through to distribution. With Latin brands hungry to take on the big guns of beverages in the light of such high consumer interest, we recognise the importance of productivity and innovation in all areas to make more and reach further.

But how exactly do we fit into that equation exactly? If you’re already familiar with us then you’ll know already, but to our bubble novices (welcome!) our Sustain products are anti-foaming agents that also keep drinks fizzier for longer – not only beneficial for bottling and carbonation shelf life, but also has the power to enhance the consumer experience. You can enjoy drinks with friends and get lost in conversation without having to face the disappointment of your cola having gone flat within half an hour.

Our Spanish website!

We have a dedicated specialist, native to the region, who supports all our Latin American relationships, as well as a distribution network that is fully equipped to support the needs of the beverage industry there, regardless of where they operate in the supply chain. Our website is also equipped with a fully Spanish version which cuts out the need for manual translation, or relying on translating algorithms, to capture the important nuances of the language that makes it unique!

There is so much more that we would like to do in Latin America and we are only just getting started: connecting with brands and their bottlers, adjusting processes to suit industry practices of the region, and of course doing all we can online to support our customers, agents, distributors, and even curious onlookers keen to learn more about bubble science.

Our Latin American Specialist, Luis Cantu.

If you enjoy what you’ve seen so far in Spanish and would like to see more (perhaps in another language), please let us know! We are a business designed to accommodate the beverage industry with our bubble technology, it is not so difficult to do so with our language as well. Tweet us @cleverbubbles, drop us a message on LinkedIn, or email us with your thoughts and suggestions – we look forward to reading them.