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Sugar-reduced cola using stevia

  • Customer Global cola brand
  • Carbonation level 7g/l
  • Weight (330ml) 13g
  • Temperature 8°C


Since the brand made the decision to incorporate stevia into their cola formula to reduce the sugar content, they found it near-impossible to fill the 330ml aluminium cans that they were filling with ease previously.

Because of this, the line speed at the manufacturer’s plant had to come right down, but still suffered high yield losses and overall reduced output volume.


We supervised a trial of CO2Sustain being added to the product at the brand’s manufacturing plant, where CO2Sustain was added to the syrup tank during production. The trial was a great success as efficiency improvements were recorded at a fantastic 50%! In real terms this created a change from 20,000 bottles being filled per hour to 40,000.


By doubling the brand’s output we have enabled them to aim much higher in terms of sales targets whilst enjoying the cost savings that accompany a much more efficient production process.