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Reduced sugar cola

  • Customer National Mexican brand
  • Carbonation level 8.4g/l
  • Weight (2L) 41g
  • Temperature 5°C


Due to a national sugar tax being introduced, this brand had to reformulate their cola from full sugar to reduced sugar. This resulted in a significant delay in filling start-up time and major gushing upon filling; the carbonation retention was also majorly negatively affected. They were not sufficiently prepared for the problems that the reformulation caused which had a knock-on effect on the rest of the supply chain and sales targets.


We introduced CO2Sustain to their production process, added directly to the syrup tank. Immediately, the brand’s manufacturers were able to start up at 100% line speed (double the maximum speed they were able to achieve without CO2Sustain!)


The overall increase of 20% production efficiency enabled the brand to make up for the losses it initially made by reformulating and has enabled greater confidence to look at sugar-reduced options for the rest of their beverage portfolio.