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Red fruit carbonated drink

  • Customer Czech brand
  • Carbonation level 5.3g/l
  • Weight (2L) 38g
  • Temperature 14°C


This customer was having to use a silicone antifoam to control the excessive foaming issues they were having during production, a problem very common when producing red-fruit carbonated drinks.

Line speed at the filler had to be slowed significantly to produce a successful batch but this had limited the brand’s prospects for volume increases in the long-term.


CO2Sustain was given to the brand’s drinks manufacturer to trial, who upon receiving our product, added it directly to the syrup tank as instructed but did not use their existing silicone antifoam on this occasion.

The filler found that they were able to increase line speed from 150 bottles a minute to 185 without having any of the foaming issues they faced previously. They noted a 23% increase in production efficiency.


The brand has been able to increase their production volume thanks to the improvements in line efficiency, and they no longer have to resort to adding silicone to their drinks to control the foam.

The high number of consumer complaints resultant from using a silicone antifoam were eliminated – a direct result of the switch to CO2Sustain.