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Diet cola

  • Customer South American global brand
  • Carbonation level 8g/l
  • Weight (2L) 38g
  • Temperature 4°C


This customer was experiencing poor carbonation retention, the result of excessive foaming during filling at the manufacturing stage. Their filler was forced to slow line speed, decreasing ability to achieve potential targets, and the brand themselves faced regular consumer complaints


CO2Sustain was added to the syrup tank on the production line resulted in the foaming issue to be substantially reduced – line speed increased from 15,000 bottles per hour to 18,000 bottles per hour.

In addition, the finished beverage when sampled by taste testers was found to be much fizzier than it had been previously and anticipated consumer complaints significantly decreasing.


Because of the increase in production efficiencies and a better-quality end product, this will allow them to increase the volume they can sell to retailers and increase satisfaction among their consumers who will be able to enjoy their carbonated beverage for longer.